Papitese – Female Puppy

Birthday: October 15, 2021
Sex: Female
Size Range: 9-12 lbs
Color: Black & White

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Papitese Breed

The Papitese is a designer hybrid of two companion purebred dogs, the Maltese and the Papillon. The mix is a highly social and affectionate dog that loves spending time with its family. As a designer companion, the Papitese, which sometimes goes by Maltillon, is a popular choice and is recognized by five competitive associations and breed registries. The Papitese has a cheerful face and playful manner that’s eager to please and be loved.

The Papitese is capable of getting most of its daily exercise indoors by following its people around the house and occasionally playing ball. Outdoor adventures for the Papitese should always be supervised, and this mix should not be left outside. It’s activity levels and exercise needs make the Papitese a perfect companion for apartment and urban living. Additionally, the Papitese does not tolerate cold weather well, and winter sweaters or jackets may be appropriate if the hybrid lives in cold winter climates.

The Papitese may have some hypoallergenic qualities thanks to the Maltese, but this hybrid still occasionally sheds and requires daily brushing to help remove loose and dead hair that gets caught in the double coat. Regular brushing with a pin or bristle brush also helps remove any dirt from the coat and keeps it free of tangles and mats.

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