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Bark Avenue Puppies - Delivering Joy One Puppy at a Time

Adorable Puppies for Sale in Red Bank, NJ

Our mission at Bark Avenue Puppies is to deliver joy one puppy at a time.

We are not your typical “puppy store.” Our puppies have “condos”, not cages or crates.
We use custom-made enclosures with rubberized flooring to pamper our puppy’s paws.
We have a negative air pressure system which keeps fresh air circulating 24-hours a day; serves to avoid any potential cross-contamination. Our puppies are treated like rock stars.

We strongly believe that socialization, playtime, and exercise are very important. All of our puppies are rotated multiple times throughout the day in our custom built play area to get extra love and attention from our staff members and most importantly enjoy time out of their condos to run around and play!

Our Commitment

At Bark Avenue Puppies we are a family owned and operated business 100% committed to eliminating all substandard breeding operations from coast-to-coast. All our breeders are licensed and regulated. We support pet adoption and to that end we only acquire those puppies that most people would find difficult if not impossible to obtain through a shelter. Our vetting process is rigorous. All of our puppies come with health guarantees, examined by a local licensed veterinarian upon arrival and monitored closely before being released to their new family. In order for a breeding operation to make the grade they must not only have a flawless record from the USDA but they must also pass our own set of requirements. We care so much that we have flown around the country to meet many of our breeders and see their facility in person. At Bark Avenue Puppies our puppies are treated like our own. We do everything we can to make them comfortable during their stay with us and devoted to making sure our customers feel at ease with their decision to work with us. We are available 24/7 via call or text for each one of our customers. There is no length we won’t go to make sure our puppies and customers are happy!

Shop or adopt, its your choice. If you can find the puppy of your dreams at a shelter thats wonderful. However, if you are looking for something unique, a puppy that begins its existence at your home and doesn’t necessarily come with previous baggage, you may want to consider shopping at Bark Avenue.

We Love What We Do

Five-Star Accommodations

Our puppies are housed in five-star accommodations, receive the best food and best care as well as constant play and socialization time.

Careful Screening

We are very careful about who we will allow to purchase our babies. We love each and every one of our puppies as if they were our own.

Caring Staff

We make sure that there are significant opportunities for our staff to spend time with our puppies – to run, play, and just have fun together.

Well-Bred Puppies from
Professional Breeders

Bark Avenue Puppies is a Proud Member of the NJ Coalition of Responsible Pet Stores

The NJ Coalition of Responsible Pet Stores is a group of like-minded small business owners who share a passion to connect families with the perfect puppy to ensure a lifelong fit and commitment. They offer well-bred puppies from professional breeders. They work with only select breeders who pass rigorous, unannounced inspections by the United States Department of Agriculture, state and local inspections, as well as stricter requirements pursuant to New Jersey law, and far more stringent individual requirements of their store owners.

Breeder Tour: Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

Bark Avenue is endlessly devoted to our puppies. We travel around the country meeting our breeders as often as we can to ensure our puppies are coming from safe and loving environments. This also gives our customers the opportunity to see where our beautiful puppies come from. I’m beyond impressed by the passion these breeders have and the hard work and love they give to make sure they have the proper kennel facilities and happy, healthy dogs. Bark Avenue Puppies and the rest of the NJ Coalition of Responsible Pet Stores are motivated to voice the truth about where our puppies come from and share our experiences. Hope you enjoy the video!