Pomeranian – Male Puppy

Birthday: October 11, 2022
Sex: Male
Size Range: 8-12 lbs
Color: Wolf Sable

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The Pomeranian Breed

The Pomeranian is a small and charming dog with a big heart. Despite their lack of height, you will soon discover that they have no lack in heart or personality. In fact, they can be so feisty and confident that they sometimes forget how small they are and will try to challenge larger dogs. Aside from this quirk, these dogs do well with kids and other pets alike. They make good watchdogs due to their powerful barking, but will require good training, or else it may never stop. They have a variety of nicknames as well as coat color possibilities, and will surely brighten up your life. In the past, these dogs could grow to be as big as 30 pounds and were used as working dogs. Today, however, they are much smaller but are still quite talented in obedience, agility, therapy, flyball and tracking, and, of course, being loving companion pets.

Due to their little size, these dogs can do well in apartments and smaller houses that do not necessarily have fenced in yards. They do require a moderate amount of daily exercise, which can include several walks or play times. The walks can be long but it is important to keep in mind that, due to their small size, these dogs can be sensitive to extreme heat. In these cases, they would most likely appreciate a shorter walk instead. These dogs will love playing with toys, but can get bored easily so rotating the toys would be a good idea in order to keep things exciting. Toys that can challenge them will be even better.

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