Victorian Bulldog – Male Puppy

Birthday: September 1, 2023
Sex: Male
Size Range: 55-70 lbs
Color: Red & White

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Victorian Bulldog Breed

The Victorian Bulldog is mix between an Olde English Bulldog (English Bulldog & American Bulldog) Mom and a English Bulldog dad, making them 3/4 English Bulldog and 1/4 American Bulldog. This is trustworthy loyal dog has the typical temperament of a bulldog. Rightly termed as the ‘people’s dog’, they love all kind of people, enjoying every moment of their company, and looking forward to their attention. So do they love kids, and are even good with other pets in the family, m Taking them a complete family dog. However, at times, they would tend to get fussy with other dogs, if proper leadership training is not imparted.

Although one might easily get intimidated by its appearance, they are one of the most docile, affectionate and dependable dogs. With a strong protective instinct, the VB makes a great guard dog as well. These dogs do well in a moderate climate since they tend to chill down easily and take a long time to cool down, once heated up in the hot weather.

Victorian Bulldogs need a moderate amount of daily physical exercise is important to this strong and sturdy breed. These dogs are not much active. Hence, if their need for exercise is regularly met, they can easily be kept in the apartment. Like most other bulldogs, they need to be taken for a walk or jog every day. Also, let them play every day since these dogs would remain inactive indoors. A playtime every day would also keep them mentally sound.

The Victorian Bulldog responds well to simple obedience training. Being intelligent and interactive, they would relate well with their human masters and pick up training fast. However, they respond best if your training process is gentle. Be sure to give pack-leader training to your puppies well in advance.

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