Mini Sheepadoodle – Male puppy

Birthday: August 19, 2021
Sex: Male
Size Range: 35-45 lbs
Color: Blue Merle & White

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The Mini Sheepadoodle Breed

The Sheepadoodle is the product of a deliberate breeding that brings together the Old English Sheepdog, an outgoing and agreeable livestock guardian developed in England, and the Mini Poodle, an intelligent and adaptable dog that was originally developed as a gun dog in Germany. This is a very popular crossbreed due to its friendly and enthusiastic attitude. These dogs make excellent family animals and good watchdogs, but due to their energy levels and their large size, they don’t easily fit into an apartment setting. The Sheepadoodle comes in three sizes as the Poodle parent can be a toy version, miniature version or standard version.


This is generally a very good-natured and sociable animal that is very attentive without being particularly needy. These dogs are generally calm, trustworthy, and protective around kids, making them a suitable pet even for young families. Sheepadoodles are also fairly easygoing with other animals as well but while most of the herding instincts have been bred out of many Old English Sheepdog lines, some dogs may try and herd children and other animals by circling them, poking them with their nose, and occasionally even nipping at their heels. These dogs are very intelligent, but the trainability factor may vary somewhat. The Poodle parent breed is famously trainable, however, the Old English Sheepdog is very independently minded and while they are likely to understand what you want, it can be more challenging to convince them to follow your directions.

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