Mini Bernedoodle F1B – Female Puppy

Birthday: November 29, 2023
Sex: Female
Size Range: 20-30 lbs
Color: Tri Color

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The Mini Bernedoodle Breed

The Mini Bernese also known as the Mountain Poo, Bernesepoo, Bernesedoodle, Bernepoo The Bernedoodle hybrid was developed by breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles.  The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in Switzerland while the Poodle originated in Germany and France.  The Bernedoodle comes in three sizes as the Poodle parent can be a toy version, miniature version or standard version.  They can have long wavy coats, curly coats or straight coats.


The Mini Bernedoodle hybrid are, generally speaking, playful and affectionate.  They are known to do quite well with children and other animals.  Among their favorite activities involves anything that keeps them around their human family. They are also known to be a bit on the wary side when around strangers.  Early socialization will help to assuage this tendency, however.  It is important to note, at this point, that Bernedoodles require a great deal of human interaction, so it is not a good idea to leave them alone for long periods of time. This is a trait contributed from the Bernese Mountain Dog side of the equation.  It is also important to note that the toy and mini versions of the Bernedoodle are more energetic and stubborn than the standard version.  These traits may become important during training situations. Your Bernedoodle, though it can be headstrong, is easy to train as this hybrid gets high rank for intelligence from both the Poodle parent as well as the Bernese parent.

Activity Requirements

The Mini Bernedoodle is a moderately active hybrid.  He will absolutely love it when you take him out for his daily walks.  He likes to play fetch with toys as much as he loves spending time with you.  His breeding provides him with the coat to keep him warm in colder temperatures but he can tolerate some warmer temperatures as well.  He will be happier living in a house with a fenced in yard as he does have a moderate tendency to wander and hunt.  He can live in rural or urban areas alike as long as there are ample opportunity and space to exercise him on a daily basis.  He needs a great deal of human interaction, so leaving him outside in the backyard all of the time won’t make him a happy puppy for sure.  His natural gait is a slow trot, so almost anyone should be able to walk him on a daily basis.

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