Mini American Eskimo – Female Puppy

Birthday: September 13, 2022
Sex: Female
Size Range: 10-20 lbs
Color: White

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Mini American Eskimo Breed

The American Eskimo dogs are among some of the most loving dogs and are very smart.  These dogs were bred to be outgoing and non-aggressive and will vocalize to announce a stranger but rarely bite or snap at anyone.  They are eager to please and love to run. Though the breed has high energy to burn outside the American Eskimo is well-mannered inside, and is good with children and cats but may chase smaller pets, like birds, hamsters, or gerbils.  Their puppy behavior phase last two years, nearly one full year longer than most breeds, but these dogs are very trainable and outgoing. The American Eskimo is a companion dog and requires more positive attention than other breeds. Overall, the American Eskimo is a beautiful, intelligent, and active dog suited for any loving home.

The American Eskimo, also widely known as an Eskie, is a small to medium-size Nordic-type dog and is bred in three sizes, Toy, Miniature, and Standard.  The Mini American Eskimo is typically 10-20 lbsThe Eskie has a bright white coat, distinctive black facial points on its nose, lips, and eye rims, and triangle-shaped ears that stand up.  The Eskie breed shed and has a double coat consisting of a short undercoat and a long outer coat that stands off the body and require brushing twice a week to prevent matted hair.

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