Where To Start | Give Your New Puppy a Good Start

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Puppy Training

Where To Start | Give Your New Puppy A Good Start

People often worry too much about buying the right accessories, but very little about what they will teach their new puppy.

Be a Strong, Confident Pack Leader

Puppy training begins day one, when you arrive home with your new puppy. Most new puppy parents have prepared a safe, warm place for their new puppy and bought a nutritious puppy food for their first days and weeks.  But don’t forget that your new puppy looks to you to satisfy their innate desire for a strong pack leader.

Puppies thrive on a strong, stable and consistent pack leader. Some new puppy owners are strong, confident leaders in their work, but are all mushy with their dogs. Then they wonder later why their dogs won’t behave. Puppies will pick up on our confidence, or lack of it, and take control if they think we are not strong. This becomes the basis for bad behavior, such as chewing, barking, pulling on their leash, and general anxiety.

So, the most important things you can do from day one for your new puppy is to be a strong, confident leader.

Your Puppy’s Veterinarian

First thing, after you’re home with your new puppy, call and make an appointment with your veterinarian for an initial checkup. Regardless of where you found your new puppy, always have your own vet conduct a complete initial examination within the first week after bringing your new puppy home.


Walk your new puppy as often as you can. Walk in front, or beside your new puppy, like a good pack leader. It doesn’t hurt to be the one to leave the house first and return the same way either. He just thrives when he senses you are in charge.


All dogs will naturally never choose to relieve themselves where they sleep. In the first days and weeks with your new puppy, make sure he has safe place to relieve himself that is familiar and has lots of good smells. And when he begins to go outside to do so, don’t forget to reward him for the good behavior.

For your new puppy to become a healthy and balanced dog, be his strong and consistent pack leader from the very first day.

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