What Exactly Is A Victorian Bulldog?

by | May 28, 2014 | Dog Breeds | Designer Mixes

What Exactly Is A Victorian Bulldog

The Victorian Bulldog is the healthier cousin of the English Bulldog.  At Bark Avenue Puppies we sell many Victorian Bulldogs, always from the same breeder. From our experience over time, we have concluded (owners as well) that this dog requires much less “maintenance” than his cousin the English Bulldog.  They are about 2 inches taller, have a bit more of a snout than the flat face of the English Bulldog, and are less heavy in the chest.  This breed doesn’t typically have the congenital problems associated with the English Bulldog. It still has the muscular build, short legs and face, broad muzzle, large head, wide chest and short, smooth coat typically associated with bulldogs.

victorian bulldog puppy white & apricot

It is like comparing a 300-pound inactive human with to a 200-pound human who is a runner.   It is very difficult to tell the difference between these puppies and their Bulldog cousins.  Their dad is an English Bulldog and mom is an Old English Bulldog (American Bulldog/ English Bulldog).  They are seven-eighths English Bulldog and are really beautiful.  They are what Bulldogs looked like a hundred years ago.

These bulldogs typically have coats that are solid white, red, brindle, or fawn. Their coats shed an average amount and are they are easy to groom. Temperamentally, the dogs are easy-going and great for families. Loyal to their breed, they are excellent guard dogs as well. Because they are more athletic than their cousins, they’ll need regular exercise, although a small yard will do. They tend to do best in moderate climates as they are easily chilled and have a difficult time cooling down in hot weather.victorian-bulldog-puppy-for-sale-at-bark-avenue-puppies


The Victorian Bulldog is a result of dedicated “recreation breeding,” in which a breeder “resurrects” a lost breed by selecting modern breeds that most embody the original. In London in 1985, breeder Ken Mollett undertook the challenge of recreating a breed that was similar to, but different from, the more modern English Bulldog. He carefully selected fine specimens of English Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Bullmastiffs, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers to try to create a dog that evoked an earlier breed that had the more athletic build, longer muzzle and legs, and smaller heads of the dogs he had seen in photos and portraits of the early 19th century.


Early 19th Century Victorian Bulldogs

To protect a breed that can procreate naturally, whelp naturally and breathe without restraint. A breed exhibiting stamina, grace and enduring loyalty.

Using old photos, etching and artwork, Mollett slowly recreated the Victorian Bulldog to embody the characteristics he wanted. He only used dogs that were registered with the Kennel Club of Great Britain to keep the lines as pure as possible. What he eventually produced has become a much loved, though rare, line of dogs that many bulldog owners prefer for their athleticism.

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