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Here is a REAL review from someone who actually has done business with Bark Avenue. Know the facts. First off, these dogs are not from puppy mills. They specialize in bulldogs (Frenchies, English and Victorian) and they are difficult to breed. That that is one reason why they cost so much. I bought a French bulldog here The females often have to have C Sections and they are mainly artificially inseminated. Bark Avenue, the place in Red Bank, is 100% opposite of what you claim. They are super-selective in choosing breeders. I did a lot of research before I dropped several grand on a puppy. My dog is amazing and the temperament is unbelievable. He is the sweetest dog in the world, unbelievably cute and healthy. He was well socialized by the breeder and he gets along with all sizes/breeds of dogs, cats and even babies. He has never bitten a person or another animal.

They only use breeders with great reputations and they will only let the dog leave the property once it is cleared by a vet. I bought a french bulldog there and he is healthy as can be. It was kind of a pain to get the dog because they are so regimented. It was like adopting a child but I am glad they follow procedure and only get high quality dogs that leave their establishment 100% healthy. It is well-documented that they will put you in touch with the breeder if you wish. In fact, they won’t let the dog even leave the store for over a week or so as they evaluate its health, disposition, behavior/activity, etc. Once you leave you get a folder with all the medical records since birth. If you are concerned, the owners will put you in touch with the breeder. You can check the facts for yourself and speak to the breeder directly and get info/pictures of the parents.

On a side note, there was an article on the wall in the back about the frenchie breeder name Kelly as well. They run a great small business.

Jon D

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