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cavapoo puppy sale male

Schnoodle  Male Black

Litter: 9/16/18

Sex: Male

Size Range: 20-30lbs

Color: Chocolate

Schnoodle  Male Black

Schnoodle puppy sale female in NJ at Bark Avenue Puppies in Red Bank.

Schnoodle Description

Making its way into the hearts of dog lovers everywhere, the Schnoodle is gaining popularity as a must-have designer dog. This hybrid breed fills the role of many types of dog – lap dog, family dog, therapy dog and show stopper. You could say this is a well-rounded breed that will fill any position available! Not only is the Schnoodle cute and adorable, it is playful and lovable, making her the ideal family pet.

With a wide range of sizes available, Schnoodles come is small, medium and larger sizes. Depending on the size of Poodle and Schnauzer bred, your Schnoodle can weigh anywhere from 10 to 60 pounds (Schnauzers come in Miniature, Standard, and Giant, while Poodles come in Toy, Miniature, and Standard sizes). And, because of the Poodle mixed in, this dog has a hypoallergenic coat, which makes her an attractive pet for allergy sufferers.

Food & Treats

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Schnoodle Puppy Sale Female Chocolate


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