A Few Puppy Myths

by | Apr 8, 2014 | Puppy Training

Common Puppy Myths

My Puppy Will Grow Out Of It. WRONG.

Naughty puppies become naughty adult dogs. Every puppy behavior and issue needs to be addressed – chewing, barking, nipping and potty training. Left alone a puppy will be all over the house, jump on the furniture and chew your shoes. Your puppy needs to know what the rules of your household are.

A local shelter says that they get adolescent dogs all the time that are still not potty trained. When they talk to the owner, it is usually because of improper training. People do not know how to train a puppy or give up when it does not work overnight. There are tons of books, articles online and trainers. You need the right tools to train your puppy right. Good training lasts a lifetime.

We Had Dogs When I Was A Kid. I Know How To Train Them. MAYBE.

But more than likely your Mom or Dad really did the basic training. Rover went outside because your Mom took him out before you got up. She did not allow him to pee in the house. Bowser did not bark every time someone went past the window because one of your parents trained him not to. Pongo was an easy dog. No hassles at all.

As a child you did not have to worry about Vet bills, cost of food, or walking Pongo in 3 feet of snow.

One of the workers at the local shelter said that they adopted out an adolescent dog one weekend and on Monday it was back in the shelter – found sitting on someone’s porch. The owner opened the back door when it was time to let the dog out the first night. Because as a child his family always let Shaggy and Boots out the back door to do their duty. Unfortunately this guy’s back yard was not fenced in like his child hood home was. And the poor pup got lost and confused.

Don’t assume you know everything and do the research. Your life and the life of your puppy will be so much better.

Puppies Will Only Learn If You Punish Them. WRONG.

Punishing a puppy has several adverse effects on the pooch’s learning curve. It requires some skill to use punishment correctly. Puppies need to understand that they are doing something wrong. So the bad behavior has to occur in front of you, if you are to properly correct your puppy. If your puppy sometimes gets by with bad behavior, punishing him will only lead to confusion and make the behavior worse.

Some puppies become fearful if you punish them. That can lead to aggressive behavior. Even if you puppy gets the fact that his behavior is bad. Punishment does not teach him good behavior.

There are so many places to learn the correct techniques to train a puppy. No one in this day and age should be in the dark when it comes to training your puppy.

Putting Your Puppy’s Nose In A Potty Accident Will Train Him. REALLY?

Your puppy is confused – not sure if you want him to eat it or your just nuts. Going to the bathroom is normal behavior for a puppy. He does not get it. He just thinks he better hide it next time. Much better to reward your puppy when he goes outside like he is supposed to. Praise is a much more effective lesson, whether you are the alpha leader or just one of the pack. All puppies love to be praised, scratched and get a reward. So make sure you let him know he is a very good puppy for going outside.

Your Puppy Will Get Fat If You Spay Or Neuter. NOT.

Bitsy will only get fat when you feed her more than she uses during her day. Sound familiar? If you eat more than your body burns in a day you will get fat. Lots of times Bitsy is going from her baby metabolism to her adult one. Right around the time you have this surgery done. Switch her to adult formula food. Make sure she gets plenty of exercise too. It’s good for everybody. I found hundreds of articles about feeding puppies on the Internet. But I usually always recommend you rely on your vet.

Aggressive Dogs Are The Dominant Dogs. NOT SO.

The alpha dog does not need to be aggressive. If he is the alpha he has nothing to prove. All the other dogs know this through his behavior. He is the top banana. Puppies and dogs act aggressive for other reasons. So many times a dog bites when he is startled or fearful. Teenage dogs are just like teenage children and they get a little full of themselves. They want to challenge the boss, another dog, or you. There are bullies and insecure dogs as well. They have gotten away with bad behavior because owners allow it. Example: Your Bozo should not jump on people. But you think it’s cute and pet and praise him when he greets you like this. So Bozo will not do it to everyone because he thinks he will be petted and praised.

My Puppy Pees In The House And Chews My Shoes Because He Is Mad At Me. No No No.

Puppies pee and poo in the house for lots of different reasons but not because they are mad at you. You might need to up your game when it comes to potty training. They can be marking their territory or advertising their sexual status to a potential suitor. Do not rule out a physical problem or even an emotional one. Call your vet and make an appointment if your puppy is having accidents in the house.

Puppies Love To Get Hugs And Kisses. NOT SO.

Hugs and kisses are human behavior involving affection. Puppies do not like being held tight for a hug around their little necks. Nor do they like someone coming up into their face and kissing them. Holding a dog down or tightly is perceived by the puppy as aggressive behavior. Puppies lick your face to show subordination. And most of them put up with the hugs and kisses because they just love your attention. They will take it any way they can get it. It’s much better to give your puppy a good chin scratch. Or behind the ears. They all have their favorites.

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