Pug – Female Puppy

Birthday: September 7, 2023
Sex: Female
Size Range: 13-20 lbs
Color: Fawn

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The Pug Breed

Overview: Pugs are popular little companion dogs with great personalities. They are amicable pets more than anything and enjoy spending time with the family. They get along great with humans of every age and demand attention from anyone in the family, including children, or even strangers. These dogs are small but stocky and will do well in any loving home environment, including apartments. However, they are predisposed to quite a few illnesses, and some of their unique features, like the large, protruding eyes and adorable face wrinkles, may need some extra care to keep them healthy. Besides that, these dogs are relatively low maintenance but do still shed a lot. They are not hypoallergenic but have low drooling tendencies and moderate smell levels.

Temperament: Pugs were originally bred as companion pets, and that is what they do best. They will not be good at hunting or guarding, but will instead be happiest sitting comfortably in your lap. However, they are not to be mistaken for lazy and inactive, as they love to run around and play or show off their clownish personality. Although tiny, this is a sturdy breed that will not get injured easily by children, and they love being around them too. Although they love attention, they are not the type to play fetch or chase people around to play. If trained and socialized correctly as a puppy, Pugs will do well with other pets like rabbits, cats and others, and will enjoy having another canine companion as well. They are intelligent dogs that need humans that are strong-minded and can act as the pack leader, or they may take advantage of you.


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