Pomsky – Male Puppy

Birthday: March 28, 2021
Sex: Male
Size Range: 20-25 lbs
Color: Gray & White

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Pomsky Breed

The Pomsky is a super popular designer dog that was developed by crossing a Siberian Husky with a Pomeranian. The Pomsky is a funny & intelligent. They love getting attention and being praised. They often create a deeper bond with one person, although they will be loving with the whole family. It is essential to socialize your Pomsky from puppyhood, because they can become nervous around strangers and aggressive towards other animals.

Pomskies are active dogs that require a fair amount of physical activity to expend their energy and stay healthy. A daily 30 minute walk is highly recommended. Also, she may require time to play or run in a park or yard, to fully drain her energy. Generally, these dogs also enjoy swimming, but you should never leave her alone when doing so.

This intelligent dog also requires mental stimulation, so toys or activities that challenge their intellect are well received. You can get her a treat dispensing toy or a puzzle, and play a treasure hunting game. These are good apartment dogs that enjoy stretching their legs in a nice walk outside, and are suitable for cold weather as long as they are dressed for the elements when extreme.

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