Litter : JApril 15, 2017

Sex : Female

Size Range : 35-40 lbs

Color : Fawn and White

Olde American Bulldog Puppy Sale Female Fawn White

The EngAm mix refers to recent trends in mixing two purebreds together for the purpose of creating a first generation cross breed dog. A lot of these designer dogs are popular now and more are being created all the time though not always with care and thought. If a mix between the American and English Bulldog is something you want there are actually three ways to go about it. There are the regular mixed or first generation designer dogs out there mostly being referred to as EngAms. There are Olde English Bulldogges or Olde Bulldogs and there are Leavitt Bulldogs.

In the 1970s David Leavitt wanted to recreate the working Bulldog of the 1800s in England but one who was healthier and without a lot of issues many Bulldogs have today. He began to cross American Bulldogs with English Bulldogs and the results were called Olde English Bulldogs. At first, Leavitt was happy with the successes, he created an association and so on. The dog was recognized by the UKC in 2014. However, some owners renamed their lines changing them to the Leavitt Bulldog as it was felt by some, including Leavitt himself, that some lines of the OEB were more alternative and not being bred true.

The EngAm can be a loving and gentle dog, she likes to cuddle and is affectionate. She enjoys being social and loves getting attention. She will find ways to get her own way with you and she can be quite headstrong and stubborn. She is intelligent and playful and has a love for chewing. She is likely to get through many stuffed animals that she has chewed up and shredded. She could be a good family dog with the right owners and is aloof with strangers until she knows whether they are friendly or not. This is a capable, athletic and protective dog who will act to defend the family if needed.


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Olde American Bulldog Female Fawn White



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