Morkie – Female Puppy

Birthday: March 23, 2024
Sex: Female
Size Range: 5-9 lbs
Color: Black & Gold

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The Morkie Breed

The Morkie is a result of combining two toy breeds, the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, the Morkie is a small designer breed with a quirky character and a distinct look. This breed is well-known for being a lap dog and an excellent overall companion thanks to its affectionate and playful nature and portable size. Even so, they can be a bit finicky with other dogs, other pets, strangers, and small children, so socialization is important if they are to regularly interact with more than just their owner. They sport long straight coats that are usually a bit limited in color to black, white, silver, and fawn and require a good amount of maintenance to keep their recognizable look nice and clean, especially around their short-nosed faces.

Small in stature and big in personality, The Morkie is exceptionally affectionate towards their owners and have a constant craving for attention they’re not afraid to show. They are generally high-spirited and fun-loving.

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