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Mini Schnauzer Puppy Sale Female Silver Pepper


Litter : 9/27/2018

Sex : Female

Size Range : 12-20 lbs

Color : black & Tan

If you’ve ever heard of a Miniature Schnauzer without having actually seen one, the name of the breed alone can be a catalyst to a host of odd images. How miniature is it? Is it a toy breed? Can I keep one in my pocket? Of course, a little knowledge goes a long way, and the truth about the Miniature Schnauzer is that this breed, known in Germany as the Zwergschnauzer, is actually closer to a poodle than it is a little dog that you can hold in your pocket.

What does this all mean for someone who’s looking for a new pet dog to bring home to the apartment or to the family? Well, don’t let your preconceptions about the Miniature Schnauzer fool you: this can be a loyal, fun dog that looks more like a classic breed than many people realize. Miniature Schnauzers make excellent city dogs but will work well even if you’ve got plenty of space for them. In other words, the Miniature Schnauzer doesn’t have to be a type of dog that only lovers of toy dogs can enjoy.

One of the most popular breeds in the U.S., the Miniature Schnauzer definitely has found solid footing in North America. But as you might imagine, its history and pedigree have deeper roots than even that.

Originally, Miniature Schnauzers were bred to be a more medium-sized dog that could help with farming – rounding up rodents, for example. But the Germans couldn’t resist breeding it down into a smaller form, where its more natural state as a miniature dog took root. This occurred during the 1800s, as many breeds were also being developed, and today we’re left with a breed that is distinct as many of the classic types of dogs that have been around for centuries longer.

Perhaps it makes sense that all those German farmers and dog breeders didn’t like the Miniature Schnauzer as, well, something that wasn’t miniature. The pedigree of the Miniature Schnauzer, after all, goes to its dog breed parents: poodles and Affenpinschers. You can’t breed those two types of dog and expect to come out with a German Shepherd on the other end – even if you’re doing your breeding in Germany.

So it makes sense that the Miniature Schnauzer’s coat, temperament, and size are all well in line with many smaller dogs. That means if you’re considering getting yourself a Miniature Schnauzer, you’ll have to be familiar with its individual characteristics.

Miniature Schnauzers can be highly responsive to training but can also have a bit of an independent streak that will be a little troublesome for first-time dog owners. Luckily, the Miniature Schnauzer has a reputation for being obedient to commands even if you’re not a particularly skilled dog trainer. As mentioned before, these types of dogs will make excellent pets thanks to its personality. But don’t let that be a reason you ignore the dog training itself! Put in some time and effort, mix in some patience, and you might be surprised at the kind of results you can illicit from this friendly breed.

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