Mini Dachshund – Male Puppy

Birthday: April 10, 2024
Sex: Male
Size Range: 9-13 lbs
Color: Silver Dapple

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The Dachshund Breed

You may know it as the “Weiner Dog,” but its actual breed name is Dachshund. Known for its long, stretched-out appearance and short legs, there are three types of Dachshunds: long-haired, wire-haired and short-haired. The only difference between the three is size and coat description.

Boasting a regal and intelligent expression on its face, the Dachshund has a long head with protruding and arched eyebrows, a long muzzle with a scissor bite and very strong teeth. Its eyes are either brownish black or deep red. Another distinguishing characteristic is its long ears that are soft to the touch.

If you’re looking for a happy addition to your family, you can’t go wrong with a Dachshund – it always has a friendly look on its face. Read on to learn more about the Dachshund.


The Dachshund can trace its origins hundreds of years ago to Germany. Bred to track and hunt badgers, the “dachs” in its name means badger. The Dachshund was engineered for this sport. Its short legs let the Dachshund burrow deep into the badgers’ dens and its long, sturdy tail gave the hunters a “handle” they could pull to retrieve the burrowing dog. As well, its large and paddle-shaped paws made digging efficient and its loose skin ensured it wouldn’t tear as the Dachshund tunneled into tight burrows. The smaller Dachshunds were used to hunt hare and rabbits, while the larger ones caught smaller animals like otters and fox.

In the 1800s, Dachshunds moved from hunters to pets. The breed was especially popular in Great Britain, and its size was reduced by about 10 pounds.

Dachshunds may share the behavior and appearance of a terrier, but in actuality, it belongs to the hound group of dogs. Since the Dachshunds were bred to trail and hunt animals, it probably descended from scent hounds, such as Bloodhounds, Pointers, and Basset Hounds. But since the Dachshunds love to dig, it can be argued that they belong in the terrier group.

The Dachshund was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885. The also interesting to note that the dachshund is the only AKC-recognized breed that hunts above and below ground.

Although the Dachshund is not a difficult dog to train, you will need firmness and consistency to make the lessons stick. Once properly trained, the Dachshund makes a great companion and family dog. Since this breed is so loyal, training strengthens the bond. Start training early in order to eliminate habits such as excessive digging and barking.

It’s important to note that Dachshunds believe it is the alpha in the family, so you need to show this dog who is the boss. If not disciplined, the Dachshund can become stubborn, but always reward training with high praise.

If a Dachshund gets bored, it will turn to destructive behavior. Always leave them with constructive toys so it always has something to do. As well, crate training works well for housebreaking the Dachshund.

A lively and affectionate dog, the Dachshund has a bold personality. Even though it is friendly, the Dachshund can be willful when it wants something (you’ll see this side come out during training). Many believe the long-haired Dachshund is the calmest of the three varieties, while the wire-haired is more jovial and funny. The breed gets along better with older children and older, calmer dogs, but it does get jealous of other dogs and may snap at them if bothered. Dachshunds like to bark, and its bark is a surprisingly loud one for a dog that small. It loves to dig, and are good workers with plenty of energy and stamina. Dachshunds love being with its owners and make great family dogs.

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