Malshi – Male Puppy

Birthday: October 12, 2022
Sex: Male
Size Range: 10-15 lbs
Color: Gold & White

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Malshi Breed

The Malshi is a hybrid dog. His parent breeds are the Maltese and the Shih-Tzu. He is a very popular dog who is generally very happy and affectionate. He is easy to train. While he is playful and energetic, he is also just as happy to be a lapdog. He is never shy and has a tendency to make friends with anyone he encounters. He is a great family dog, and experts say he is also a great therapy dog. He will be happy in an apartment or a family home with or without a fenced-in yard. He is a small dog; at maturity he generally weighs no more than twelve pounds. He is also hypoallergenic, so he is a great companion for those with allergies.

The Mal-Shi likes activity. He will be moderately energetic; however, as long as he gets a variety of short exercise breaks throughout his day, he will be as much of a lapdog as he is a ball of energy. Remember that he is a very intelligent dog, so provide him with a variety of toys to stimulate him mentally. He will enjoy games of fetch, but he may become bored easily. He will enjoy short, brisk walks with you. He may also enjoy a trip to the dog park to play with friends. If you have an enclosed area, you can allow him outside several times a day for exercise. However, many Mal-Shis are brachycephalic, and should never be allowed to get too hot or otherwise overexerted.

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