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frenchton-puppy-sale female

Frenchton Male Blue Fawn – Puppy Sale

Litter: August 7, 2018

Sex: Male

Size Range: 14-28 lbs

Color: Fawn

Frenchton Male Blue Fawn – Puppy Sale

Adult Frenchtons can have characteristics from either their French Bulldog or Boston Terrier heritage.

In many Frenchtons, the ears are longer than a Frenchie and the legs are shorter than a Boston.  Their face is generally still somewhat flat-faced as both breeds are snub-nosed.  Ears usually stand erect. Tails are usually stubbed, slightly screw-tailed, or non-existent. Since all of our Bostons & Frenchies have tails, there is usually some sort of little tail.

The Frenchton colors can be from any Boston terrier or French bulldog coloring with a tendency to be colored like their parents or grandparents.  Size, eye-color, and markings (brindle, spots, masks, etc.) also generally come from the parents/grandparents but can also come from farther back in the genetics.

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Frenchton Male Blue Fawn - Puppy Sale


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