Boston Terrier

As you might judge from its name, the BostonTerrier is a uniquely American breed of dog. Small and resembling a tiny Bulldog, a Boston Terrier technically belongs to the non-sporting group as opposed to the Terrier group. They make excellent companions and, in many cases, are well-suited for city and domestic life.

Known as the “American Gentleman,” it was formally recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893. Today, the Boston Terrier is as famous a breed as there is. The breed is one of the most popular pets in homes all across America.

But what exactly separates a Boston Terrier from other non-sporting dogs? Is this the kind of dog that you might ultimately like to see in your own house? To explore these questions, let’s take a look at the history and dimensions that go into making the American Gentleman into what it is today.

Unlike many older breeds, the Boston Terrier has a well-recorded history. A man named Robert C. Hooper, of Boston, purchased a dog that came from a Bulldog/Terrier mixture. This dog, known as “Hooper’s Judge,” eventually had offspring that would breed with French bulldogs, giving rise to a new type of terrier – one that naturally has the appearance of a bulldog without exactly resembling an English Bulldog.

At first, this new breed was known as the Bull Terrier, but eventually the name was changed to Boston Terrier. This is thanks to a change in the name of the Bull Terrier Club to the Boston Terrier Club. A new breed was born and it became recognized in 1893. This is the first U.S. breed to be recognized. Today, Boston University’s mascot is a Boston Terrier named Rhett.

Although a non-sporting dog by breed, the Boston Terrier owes a lot of its appearance to the French and possibly English Bulldog. This is apparent when you take a good look at a Boston. Considered highly intelligent, the Boston Terrier has many of the positive qualities of the Bulldog perhaps without the chip on its shoulder.

The Bulldog/Terrier mix that bred to make Hooper’s Judge has come to be known as a terrier in its own right.

They are also smaller and slimmer than Bulldogs and obviously require a smaller diet. They can feed on the foods many dogs enjoy such as meat and vegetables.

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