French Bulldog Alert!

airplaneAt Bark Avenue Puppies, we have been exploring better methods to transport these delicate creatures without the constant puppy colds and worse that can occur due to the stress of over-the-road trucking.

These babies are prone to difficult, obstructive breathing because of the shape of their head, muzzle, and throat. The most common dogs affected are the “brachycephalic” breeds, particularly French and English Bulldogs. Brachycephalic means “short-headed.

Most vets think that bulldogs shouldn’t be bred due to this genetic trait and the fact that they can also develop allergies.

But, WE LOVE THEM and more importantly our CUSTOMERS LOVE THEM!

So from this point forward, Bark Avenue will be personally traveling to our two breeders to transport our precious cargo via commercial air, being personally held by me or my daughter. (not in baggage!) Where we go, they go, when we eat they eat.

At Bark Avenue Puppies, our goal is to deliver the healthiest, most pampered pet you can find anywhere.

Our first of what we hope will be many trips will be Monday, Nov 21st.
We will be picking up two BLUE FRENCHIES! One is already spoken for, but one is available. Both are boys.

To get you real excited look at these pictures of the litter, and pics of Mom and Dad!

Call the shop at 732-741-4175 for more information. We also will have Piebald, Cream, and Brindle arriving between now and the end of the year!

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Bark Avenue Puppies

Scruffy Puppy Rescue ! HIGH ALERT!! WE NEED YOUR HELP! #Adoption 📣🔊💔SPREAD THE WORD!!! #JusticeForFrenchie
This 5yr old boy needs to be rehomed ASAP! He a German Shepard mix. His name is "Frenchie" and before he gets sent to the shelter we want to try finding him a new home.
His story is very sad.. for the past few years he spent the majority of his days/nights chained to a door knob in someone's home.. 😥😫😖 its heartbreaking to even think about. He is house broken but only get to go outside for a few minutes a day. He hasn't been snuggled or loved or even played with.. he is just left tied to a door all alone... PLEASE HELP HIM FIND A HOME !! Please help show him what Love really is ! What its like to Run & Play! He NEEDS the chance to have a better life ! Let's have justice for Frenchie ! Please call 732-741-4175 for more info !!!
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Victorian Bulldog Boy ... See MoreSee Less

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