Are You Ready For A New Puppy?

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Puppy Training

Before You Make a Commitment

Whether French Bulldog, Victorian Bulldog, Mini Bulldog, English Bulldog, or an adorable Toy Breed or Mixed Puppy, there are a few things to consider when buying a new puppy. Before making on such a large commitment, please read on to learn about some of the things to expect when raising a puppy. Be committed to new puppy care. If this doesn’t sound like something you’re ready for, perhaps you should consider an older dog. There are many homeless dogs in your local shelters waiting for a new home.

A dog will be in your home for a long time. A dog is not an item, or a piece of furniture, it is a new member of your family. Please do not take this responsibility lightly. We live in a time when far too many people consider dogs as disposable items, not thinking twice about dumping or abandoning the animal.

Be Prepared

Be prepared for the role of RESPONSIBLE dog owner. Do not become a part of the problem. You should expect:

A few sleepless nights ignoring howling, crying, and barking, until your puppy learns that this is his new home.

A lot of carpet cleaning and wet spots. Puppies DO have accidents.

A few damaged items around the house. Puppies DO chew and are bound to damage or destroy at least one thing they weren’t supposed to go near.

Baby-proofing your home. Like a toddler, puppies find things that can hurt them. You will need to hide wires, and keep potentially dangerous items such as chocolates and cleaners out of reach. Adding a puppy is like bringing home a toddler You MUST be prepared.

Constant supervision.

If you can’t watch your puppy, crate your puppy. A crate is NOT a prison. It is more like a “playpen”. Would you let your toddler stay home alone, or wander the house unattended?

Also remember that puppies are much like babies. They need lots of interaction. If someone will not be at home most of the day, a puppy may be a poor choice for your family.

Puppies need to be taken outside many times during the day to reinforce housebreaking. You cannot blame a puppy for going potty in the house if he or she isn’t given enough chances to “go” outside. Adult dogs have better bladder control than puppies, can be expected to hold it a bit longer, and are more capable of learning how to “tell you” they have to go out.

Puppies need to be taught what is appropriate to chew on, and what is NOT an appropriate toy! Don’t give your puppy an old shoe and then expect them to know the difference between the old shoes and your new pair of $80 tennis shoes.

Puppies need to be trained. Your puppy needs your time, and your patience to learn how they are supposed to behave. With no socialization or training, your puppy may NOT grow up to be an ideal companion. This is NOT the dogs fault. It is the owner’s for not socializing or training the dog when it was young.

If all of this sounds like a bit much to deal with, always remember that there are always many GREAT older dogs who are in need of homes. If you do not feel you have the time or energy to deal with a puppy, but you do know you can handle an older dog, consider a Rescue Dog. There are thousands that are in need of good homes.

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